Bailbooks Defendant App

Bailbooks Defendant App

Bailbooks Defendant App

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Product Description

This App will NOT work independently without a valid Key Code assigned by a subscribed user of the Bailbooks Bail Bond Management system at

This Bailbooks Defendant App is a specialty app for the Bail Bonds Industry. This app can handle the check-in requirement for a Bail Bonds Company’s Client Check In’s from smartphones in or out of the office.

The Bailbooks Defendant App is a tool that every Bail Bonds Company who uses Bailbooks should utilize. . The app will also allow the defendant to view any upcoming court dates as well of any outstanding balance he/she has with the bail bond company.

NOTE: This App can ONLY be used in conjunction with the web application
Your Bail Bonds Company must already have a subscription to and have the “mobile app access” enabled on the defendant’s client profile in their bailbooks account. Your bail bond company will enter in your email address along with a “key code” to allow you to be able to use the app. Your bail bond company can choose to disable any access to the Bailbooks Defendant App at anytime for any reason for a defendant.

The Bailbooks Defendant App allows the bail bond company’s defendants’ to “Check-In” via their Android phone.

Please contact your bail agent if you have any questions after downloading the app.